Monday, August 4, 2008

Make Money With Google Knol Opportunity for Writers

Google has recently launched a new programe named google knol. This is an opportunity or those who know some thing and want to share it with others. With google knol they Can not only Share there content but they can get paid for it.
after the people just publish their knowledge on google knol. google allow content owners to display their google Adsense adds in front of their content on google knol. it is very east to make money online,
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kontera! A New Revenue Source for Web Publisher.

Kontera is an other great network which is also paying people on pay per click basis. it is geting popular day by day in publishers as well as Advertisers also.
One major reason of kontera becoming successful is that there is no opportunity cost of using it that mean you may also use your old network like google adsense with kontera and kontera,s inline adds ,ll not effect your adsense CTR or earnings.
That mean this is an adational source for web publishers if some one is earning 10$ there earnings ,ll be 15$ per day after using Kontera.
you may get more information on kontera there web site